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“Before a list of candidates it is happily thought that only one can be the chosen one” Noel Clarasó.

Oenologist Communicator

Hello friends and companions,

Here I am again after a few days of drought without writing since I have been busy with one of my hobbies, the triathlon and my family, of course.

I wanted to comment that a few days ago I assisted a round table about the oenologist work as a communicator.

My opinion is totally defined: social networks, blogs, youtube… are some weapons the oenologists should use to dignify our profession and not only stay in the winery or the vineyards. Be the describer of our wines since we are the only ones that best know about them.

With this I mean that we should take example of Fernan Adriá, Martin Berasategui, Juan Roca, Pedro Subijana, Juan Mari Arzak, and a long etcetera of known Spanisnh chefs that have left their kitchens to be ambassadors not only of their restaurants but also of the Spanish haute cuisine.

If we had to mention known oenologists by the consumers I am afraid the list would be empty.

We will have to work a bit harder on this communication skill issue, but I am convinced that it will not only be for our personal benefit but also for our business and increase the consumption of wine.

Hoping that in a few years we the oenologists will be something more than just “ wine makers” but also good communicators.

Have a nice week.

Oenologist Communicator

“Before a list of candidates it is happily thought that only one can be the chosen one” Noel Clarasó.







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